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St Thomas Aquinas Thomas Aquinas: Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives. St Thomas Aquinas Chesterton's biographies. Thomas and the World State Aquinas Lecture Five Metaphysical Paradoxes Aquinas Lecture. Beyond Trinity Aquinas Lecture Thomas Aquinas on God and Evil. Univocal language about God assumes that when we make a statement about God, e. On the other hand, we cannot say that language about God is totally equivocal : having two different meanings.

A man can be wise proportionate to his capability to partake of the attribute.

When a man exercises wisdom, we recognize that his activity shares something of the trait, which God exercises fully and completely, without limit without limitation or delimitation. But note that no where in this discussion does Aquinas refer to an analogy of being. If anyone knows of a Thomistic text that refers explicitly to an analogia entis [or a phrase lexically equivalent], I would be happy to have it pointed out to me.

The nature of light according to Thomas Aquinas

Even interpreters of Aquinas differ over what the analogy is an analogy of. The difficulty is that the biblical and non-biblical authorities are incommensurate they cannot be compared or equated. The biblical text speaks of God in concrete, imaged terms the mental picture of a great soldier, striding into the battlefield with flashing armor, hoisted spear, and swinging sword. The philosophical-theological authorities are abstract and conceptual.

He simply uses the biblical language to shut down the discussion of the via negativa , which opens the door to his own neo-Aristotelian analysis. When we talk of the living God, we want to say something else than that he causes life in us or differs from non-living bodies McDermott, p. The life of the living God cannot be—must not be—evacuated by any via negativa. Close Login. Web Exclusives First Thoughts. Intellectual Retreats Erasmus Lectures.

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